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19. September 2010
bis 20. Februar 2011

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Die Staufer und Italien

The Most Potent Force in the Empire: Three Regions in the Hohenstaufen Empire

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Three key regions are identifiable within the domains of the Hohenstaufen and are revealed by the routes travelled by the individual monarchs and their retinues. Bishops’ seats, royal palaces and fortresses were important material and human supports of politics in the High Middle Ages. Thus, the Hohenstaufen court preferred travelling to the Rhine, the location of the Empire’s most potent force according to Otto of Freising, or crossed the Alps where the Po landscape blossomed like a garden of delights. At the same time, the Kingdom of Sicily was known as the cradle of culture.

These regions of activity may be described as core regions of Hohenstaufen rule, which – often visited – provided the setting for Hohenstaufen rule as it were. Thus, individual locations such as Mainz and Bad Wimpfen, Milan or Palermo became the stage for magnificent court festivities and festivals or bitter foes in armed conflicts as well as centers of knowledge and artistic activity.

The exhibition presents selected locations of the Hohenstaufen era and their legacies and recounts the most important stages of Hohenstaufen history.


Lion Head Door Pull

Bad Wimpfen im Tal, 2nd half of the 13th cent.; Hamburg, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe