rem – Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen

19. September 2010
bis 20. Februar 2011

Ausstellung der Länder
und Hessen

Die Staufer und Italien

Remembrances of the Hohenstaufen

Stamp from the Hohenstaufen Year 1977

The execution of King Conradin in the marketplace of Naples in 1268 left the family without male heirs. This ended the century of Hohenstaufen rule. The dynasty’s end was followed by its transfiguration into myth. Rumors of the return of Emperor Frederick II soon drew out – even denied – the abrupt end of the magnificent epoch. The myth of Frederick I yet slumbering in Kyffhäuser to return one day endures to this day.

The exhibition addresses remembrance of the Hohenstaufen from different perspectives. The official remembrance, which was actively guided by the Hohenstaufen family and based in places such as Lorch, Speyer or Palermo, is contrasted with the remembrance of subsequent generations, which were not only always expressed positively but also shaped by images of the enemy from former rivals such as the pope. The line of remembrance is traced over the centuries until the immediate past.



Stamp from the Hohenstaufen Year 1977

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