rem – Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen

19. September 2010
bis 20. Februar 2011

Ausstellung der Länder
und Hessen

Die Staufer und Italien

Italy: Model and Fascination

Sog. Kopf aus Lanuvio

Since Charlemagne's day, a conception of rulership without the procession to Rome for the imperial coronation was inconceivable to medieval monarchs. Therefore, Italy increasingly gained significance for subsequent rulers including the Hohenstaufen for some monarchs, sovereignty in Italy even became more important than controlling the fate of the empire north of the Alps.

Taking Rome as the point of reference, ancient rulers and their royal insignia as well as works of ancient architecture and art also drew the attention of the Hohenstaufen monarchs. The exhibition depicts the importance of Italy and the emulation of ancient models.


So-called Lanuvio Head

Southern Italy, 2nd quarter of the 13th cent.; Rome, German Archaeological Institute.